We care about the Environment

Our Commitment to the worlds Environment, Quality & Warranty: 

Maglite® 10 years warranty

Andreas Lebherz, Managing Director of MAGLITE EUROPE GmbH & Co. KG and responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa, located in Germany, says:

WE CARE, because we manufacture our products in the state of California in the United States of America, which has some of the strictest and most regulated environmental protection polices and laws in the world.

  • We recycle our scrap aluminum ensuring that on a daily basis captured by-products of our machining process are reclaimed.
  • We recycle/reuse our oils/lubricants that allow our machines to produce our products.
  • We recycle our used paper products and scrap corrugated on a daily basis.
  • We manipulated our production schedules to coincide with non-peak use of the power grid, lowering our carbon foot print.
  • Our robust quality assurance program ensures a historic defective rate of less than 0,1%. Which means our products do not end up in landfills but provide decades of sustainable use.
  • We utilize automated environmental and lighting controls to ensure optimum use and not waste power.
  • Mag®'s automation also ensures strict quality assurance and product safety.
  • Mag®’s commitment to being the leader in world class lighting technology has required enormous investments in R&D, plant & equipment and extensive employee training of its most valuable human resource over the last 40 years.
  • Mag® has also had a deliberate R&D/Product development drive towards smaller more compact lighting instruments which use far less material than older larger lights. This compares to the same transition the auto industry experienced in the 1970s to smaller more fuel-efficient cars.
  • As another example of Mags®'s commitment to the environment, Mag® has made a sizeable invest in re-usable material handling containers throughout its manufacturing process and other environmental-friendly practices as well.
  • Mag® has a zero-discharge facility which means that none of its waste streams end up in city sewers and pipelines.

Our in the US manufactured products are designed and engineered to provide the user decades of continued use, which reduces replacement needs and lowers the amount of refuse entering into the landfill.

MAGLITE® products are designed to provide the user with maximum on-time performance which means less batteries are used in normal use. This emphasis on “on time” helps to keep batteries out of landfills.

We utilize aircraft-grade aluminum for our products which is recyclable.

We have designed a series of rechargeable flashlights that benefit the environment by reducing the amount of alkaline batteries entering the landfills.

Above all we’re constantly improving our products and it is the policy of Mag Instrument, Inc. to vigorously enforce its patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights in its products  in the United States and internationally all over the world for such products and improvements.

This been said, we’re one of the few manufacturer who offer a 10 year warranty for all our products world-wide.”