Icon Methodology

The MAGLITE® ICON Methodology:

Rechargeable Flashlight: While the initial cost of a rechargeable battery is significant, it is engineered to withstand up to a thousand charge/discharge cycles. 

Maglite® Eco ModeECO Mode™: Ultra-low-power-drain mode that, thanks to excellent flashlight optics, still provides useful light while greatly extending run-time.

Maglite® Multi-ModeMulti-Mode: Some Maglite® flashlights are simple on-off flashlights. Others, however, allow the user to choose from a variety of functional modes.

Maglite® Quick ClickQuickClick™: Most of Maglite® LED flashlights have electronic switches that offer a wider range of functions than typical mechanical-switch flashlights.

Maglite® Quick FocusQuick Focus™: an advanced, fast-handling beam focus system adjusts across the full range of focal settings in about 1/4 turn of the head. 

Maglite® Spot to FloodSpot to Flood Beam Focusing: Adjust the beam’s focus as needed, simply by rotating the flashlight’s head.

Maglite® Candle ModeCandle Mode: Several Maglite® flashlights convert quickly to a free standing candle mode, for convenient, hands-free light whenever needed.

Maglite® Activity Based Function SetsActivity-Based Function Sets: these Maglite® LED flashlight models offer five different functional modes – Full Power, Low Power, Strobe, Eco and Momentary.

Maglite® Water ResistantWater Resistant: these Maglite® flashlight models have successfully passed the “Water Resistant” test by ANSI Standard.

Maglite® WaterproofWaterproof: these Maglite® flashlight models have successfully passed the “1-Meter Water Resistant” test by ANSI Standard.

Maglite® NTOANational Tactical Officers Association: It indicates that the referenced product has achieved “Recommended” status under the NTOA’s Member Tested & Recommended Program, based on field-testing and scoring by tactical police officers.