MAGLITE®, the choice for my adventures

It's always with me on my adventures, my Maglite®!

I use them whenever I'm in the great outdoors.

Whether you're hiking in backcountry Colorado or Utah, or night fishing with your kids, a Maglite® just works.

There are several reasons why I make Maglite® my flashlight of choice.

No 1: Quality. When I take my Maglite® on an adventure and the batteries are good, I know the light will work. I never have to worry about making a mistake in the middle of nowhere. 

No 2: As if number 1 wasn't enough, they are made in the USA. That means something to me. It means that one of my countrymen made it. I'm very proud to use one. I also know that it was made with unique quality. The bottom line is it's a trusted component of my kit and I don't put my trust in anyone, it has to be earned. 

Chris Roberson