Maglite® - Laser Engraved Gifts B2B & B2C

Maglite® can laser engrave your choice of any flashlight.

We can engrave YOUR Maglite® with YOUR company logo, your message and there are several options available for the location of logo engraving on the Maglite® flashlight. During the engraving process you will be consulted with the right size, position and all what's needed to make your Maglite® flashlight unique.

No matter if you would prefer an LED or Incandescent Maglite®, we have them all! 

Maglite® - Packaging

Depending which Maglite® you have chosen to become YOURS, you have the choice between a Blister-, Chipboard- or Presentationbox packaging.

Should you require another option, please ask! 


Please find below some examples...

Maglite® Premium Engraving