XL200® LED Tactical Pack
XL200® LED Tactical Pack
XL200® LED Tactical Pack

XL200® LED Tactical Pack


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You expect more from a compact flashlight than holding it in and out? Something very special and extraordinary?

Then our Maglite® XL200® AAA LED is just right for you!

It offers extreme user-friendly, performance-oriented features in a sleek, tactical design.

The XL200®, offers a wide range of advanced features. Using the tail cap switch, you can access the following five functions

  • Turn on the light and adjust it individually between light and dark by just slowly rotating the flashlight. The XL200® remembers your set brightness and shines with the same intensity the next time you switch it on.
  • Use the strobe functionality, the speed of which you can adjust from fast to slow. The XL200® remembers the setting until you change it again.
  • "Nite Lite™" mode on: The light comes on brightly and fades in brightness until you pick it up again and light up to full power again.
  • Enter a signal mode - it generates visible international Morse code signals (short and long blinks = "dots and dashes"), which you control by rotating the flashlight.
  • Use "SOS" mode, a continuous, automatically flashing "SOS" signal.

In addition, the XL200® has a "lockout" function to prevent accidental activation, so to speak you "lock" the light from unintentional use.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x XL200® LED flashlight
  • 1x lens holder / anti-roll attachment
  • 1x set of colored lenses (red, green, blue)
  • 1x pocket clip, screwdriver
  • 3x alkaline batteries (type AAA)
  • 1x presentation box
  • 1x user manual


XL50® and XL200® Introductory Video (English) with Bill Murphy:

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